Emotions in Life

Prof. Archana Raut

Emotions are beautiful,

Emotions are need,

Emotions are expression,

Emotions are balance of healthy life.

Emotions play a very vital role in anybody’s life. Life without emotions is like LIFE WITHOUT WATER. If emotions are not shown there and then a person personality becomes stubborn, aggressive or submissive. To have a healthy life one should always express their feelings for actions, events, incidents or happening around us.
From childhood onwards, these emotional expressions should be supported by the parents, teachers, and elders, etc. to lead a healthy life. In this technological era, the young generation is hiding their emotions and fail to express in front of others that are leading a life in an unhealthy way. The young generation could not cope up with uncertain situations, they could not handle the incidents positively that indirectly affects their personality.
Some of the positive emotions are joy, pride, love, kindness, satisfaction, inspiration, interest, gratitude, hope, enthusiasm, surprises, cheerfulness, confidence, admiration, etc. Negative emotions are frustration, sadness, shame, fear, grief, guilt, depression, envy, jealousy, doubt, etc.
Emotions make you weak sometimes, but it creates a strong personality to face the hurdles in life. Both positive and negative emotions are equally important, but one should learn how to handle negative emotions in a positive way – this is a GURU MANTRA of a healthy life.