Creating the Leaders of Tomorrow

Dr. Abhijit Mancharkar
Director, AISSMS IOM

“The very essence of leadership is that you have to have vision. You can’t blow an uncertain trumpet.”

-Theodore M. Hesburgh

The world has witnessed numerous leaders who have change the course of history through their persistent efforts, commitment and unshakable vision. The leaders from different corners of the world have proven to all that leadership is not just a skill or position, it is a responsibility towards the organization and the society.

We at AISSMS Institute of Management believe that leaders are not born, but created, through nurturing of skills and personality. Thus, we invest all our energy and commitment in the holistic development of our students, who will be the leaders of tomorrow.

Owing to this, for AISSMS IOM overall development of students right from the moment they step into our college until they graduate is of utmost importance.


A Leader Journey at AISSMS Institute of Management

In order to create a robust management personality and to produce future leaders in the corporate sector, we analyse the students from the time they step into our college. For this we conduct psychometric test for the students once they take admissions here to understand their capability, limitations and personality traits. This test is related to two vital aspects of an individual overall character, namely, personality and aptitude.


Element of personality

The true mark of a successful leader is a vibrant personality. Thus, when it comes to personality, we assess the qualities crucial in a leader. Essentially, great communication skills and decision-making abilities are of utmost importance.

These tests are done by a professional agency to get the most accurate outcomes. And, based on this assessment, personality profiles of the students are drafted and referred to while mentoring the students during the education.


Element of aptitude

Another part of psychometric test is aptitude. A student taking admission in a management college must later decide in which domain he/she will be making a career viz. marketing, sales, human resource or finance. But the student is not aware of his/her own stance and aptitude. Thus, the aptitude test helps the student make a conscious decision.

 We at AISSSMS IOM believe that these assessments are of great value for the students’ holistic development, as it helps the students to understand themselves better and gives a direction to their efforts.


Essentials of Sculpting a leader’s Personality

To sculpt the leaders of tomorrow, we at AISSMS IOM constantly guide and mentor our students throughout their academic journey to help them cope up with the changing industry trend and be at par with the current market scenario.

Our carefully crafted teaching learning processes and quality education play a crucial role in the student’s holistic development.

Being leader means to be able to consciously make decision according the situation and be able to accurately evaluate the consequences. Thus, our efforts are always directed towards giving the students maximum exposure to practical situations and industry problems that will help them sharpen their analytical and decision-making skills.

In the journey of crafting the leaders of tomorrow we hold immense trust in our able faculty members, who continuously mentor and guide the students to unleash their best self.

As the Director of the college I can ascertain that every student who is a part of AISSMS IOM family builds in themselves with time, a great and reliable leader.