Dr. Mrinalini Lad

Name Dr. Mrinalini Lad
Specialization Marketing Management
Email mrinalinilad@aissmsiom.org


Educational Qualification: M. Sc, MBA, PhD
Experience : 8.5 yrs
Professional Affiliation: ISTD
Area Of Research : Marketing Management
Current Research: Consumer Behavior, Social Media, Online Marketing, Services Marketing, Green Marketing
Publications/ Articles/ Cases:  International Journal of advances in management techniques,  Green Marketing & the
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Dr Asha Sharma

Name: Dr. Asha Sharma
Specialization: HR
Email: ashasharma@aissmsiom.org
Educational Qualification: B.Sc. MBA, Ph.D.
Experience: 3+ years
Professional Affiliation:
Area of Research: HR & OB
Current Research:
Publications/ Articles/ Cases: 12
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Mr. Swapnil Fuse

Name Mr. Swapnil Fuse
Specialization Finance
Email swapnilfuse@aissmsiom.org
Educational Qualification:   B. Tech, MBA (Finance), NET, SET
Experience: 5 Years of Industry Experience, 1.2 Years of Industry Experience
Professional Affiliation:
Area Of Research: Financial Management, Economics
Current Research:
Publications/ Articles/ Cases
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Mr. Farooqui Saboor

Name: Farooqui Abdus Saboor
Specialization: MARKETING
Email: farooquisaboor@aissmsiom.org
Educational Qualification: MBA, MPHIL.
Experience: Industry 16 Years Teaching 8 Years
Professional Affiliation:  
Area Of Research: Pharmaceutical Marketing And Sales
Current Research: Pharmaceutical Marketing And Sales
Publications/ Articles/ Cases Presented papers in national and international conferences.
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