Stories behind the Shining Gems of AISSMS

Mr. Digvijay Chavhan
Alumnus- AISSMS Institute of Management

Since the beginning of his course at AISSMS Institute of Management, Digvijay was fascinated with roles that demanded leadership skills, determination, physical fitness; he was known for his inclination towards the Indian Army and dream to become an officer. To achieve so, he had given as many as 9 interviews to the Services Selection Board, but could not get recommended (prior). However, he had a sportsmanship spirit which brought him to an MBA course and he effectively used all his preparatory knowledge there.

His interest in social communication made him participate in almost all the co-curricular activities, represent the college in different completions’, organize events, perform in street plays and so on. With his persistent determination to succeed, he completed his course with shining results.

“A journey which shows that the sky’s the limit if you want to win!”

With an aim to enter the HR industry & an interest in training & development, he started as a trainer. From an English Grammar Teacher at Chate coaching classes, trainer for banking students to corporate trainer at Elixir Spoken English Institute Pune, he has cultivated his own skill and name in the industry.

Then this opportunity to become a Customer Experience Coach in Flipkart knocked at his door. Flipkart was in its initial phase back then. After learning & setting his basics right, he started initiating towards his aim- HR! He then applied for the post of HRBP for the state of Goa through IJP and as said where there is a will there’s a way; he got selected!

Along with his responsibility of end to end employee life cycle, he completed a certification course in HR Analytics from IIM Rohtak. After completing 2 years at Goa he was transferred back to Pune where the work dynamics were a little challenging. As he was versatile and most importantly adaptable, he achieved all his goals and with time marked his 5 whole years at Flipkart with a notable promotion of course.

By now he had built his profile as an E-Commerce /HR /start-up specialist. With his name and experience in the industry, a new opportunity knocked on his door again. It was Licious – Born to meat, an E-commerce company that was making its own identity in the food industry and was spreading its wing all across metro cities in India and in the international market as well.

At present he is responsible as HR for Pune region of Licious, handling 9 delivery hubs and 1 super hub.

With all these experiences & achievements he is just 29 and looks forward to walking miles & miles. He urges all the passionate students to not to stop and just chase what they want. He also continues his gratitude towards his parents, teachers, colleagues and friends who have been together throughout.