Positive Customer Experiences: A Key to Good Brand

Dr. Gauri Prabhu
Associate Professor

When we say the word “Brand”; immediately what comes to our mind is a creative logo or a powerful slogan. However, the analogy is that the customer’s positive experience creates the brand for the company.

Communication, no doubt, plays a major role in branding but no words can undo the effect of the experience which the customer has witnessed.  John Hegarty says “A brand is the most valuable asset in the world which remains in the corner of someone’s mind.”  How you position your brand in the minds of existing and potential customers plays a major role in creating business opportunities.

A brand can create a positive or negative image. If your customer gets positive experiences on a consistent basis you are creating a positive brand. On the other hand, negative experiences create a negative brand.

If we maintain, repair and service our asset, it performs its function efficiently as well as creates an appreciable value in the market. The same applies to a brand. The brand also requires nurturing on a regular basis. The ambiguity needs to be removed and communication of the brand needs to be crystal clear.

So, let’s create a good brand by building positive experiences.