In a race to cope up with the trends, are we forgetting our “संस्कार”?

We are living in the Era of glamour, fashion, style. In a world where every new thing in our life becomes part of our Instagram story. Every day we are trying to cope up with some new things even though we are least interested in it, why? Because ” it’s the trend”. But have you ever noticed something, in a race to maintain our social life and updating our way of thinking to the modern mentality; we’ve started getting detached from our parents, especially our grandparents.

While talking about grandparents, it reminds me of the lyrics from the song “ऐसा देश है मेरा” which said ” रोज सुनाए दादी-नानी एक परियो की कहानी, ऐसा देश है मेरा !”

But these days due to our so-called modern mentality & privacy quotient we prefer to get separated where we forget about our grandparents and instead of calling them our family members we choose to call them as a “RESPONSIBILITY”. Let me be a bit harsh here, a responsibility that nobody wants to take. And if I’m not wrong then these are not their “संस्कार” to give up on our parents just because their way of thinking & our way of thinking is different.

We people ask for the suggestions on the social media platform which are given by the strangers & even appreciate them but the suggestions given by our parents are neglected by saying, “aaj kal aisa nahi chalta”. I am sure many of us have done this.

Let me share one incident with you which really broke my heart:

One day I and my friends visited an old age home where we were sitting in the superior’s office, one couple was also there with their kid and they were having a conversation with the office head which I overheard. The couple was there to admit the name of their father in that particular old age home and the office head was explaining them the formalities regarding it.

The office head asked the man to fill the form, as he started filling it.

The kid inquired, ” Papa for whom you are filling this form?”

The man replied, “I am filling this form for your grandfather as he’s going to stay here from now onwards”

The kid made a puppy face & questioned again, “Why won’t he stay with us anymore, do I bother him a lot?”

The man laughed and said,” No no my son you don’t bother him, it’s just he’s old now and needs to be taken care of that’s why he’ll stay here, this uncle will take good care of him.”

The kid enthusiastically said to the man, ” Then I’ll also fill one form for you so when you’ll get old I’ll send you here and you’ll be taken good care of because I love you”.

Everybody was shocked to hear this thing because the kid thought old age homes are meant to be taken care of old people but for the mature human like us, the old age homes are for giving up the responsibilities on!!


A nuclear family is today’s trend but in a race to follow this trend we forgot that each and every member of the family plays really major role in our lives everybody has something or the other to teach us. Our parents or grandparents are not staying with us, it’s we who are staying with them, understand the difference.
Our grandparents do not need a stick for the support they need us to be their support.
It is very rightly said that ” Bachpan or Budhapa ek jaisa hota hai, jaha insan ko bass Kisi Apne ke sath ki jarurat Hoti hai”

Let संस्कार and trend go hand in hand and respect every human.
That’s all from my side you can definitely put your opinions in the comment box. Thank you!


Kanchi Motwani