Hobbies – The Best Companion

Dr. Bhagyashri Kanhere
Asst. Professor
AISSMS, Institute of Management, Pune.

All-round development of students’ personality is the need of time for career growth as well as for enjoying balanced personal life. According to me, personality development means the development of physical and mental attributes and abilities.
One of the wise sayings of Buddha is “What we think, we become” Hence we all have to focus more on the development of mental abilities and strengths.
There are many ways to strengthen our mental strengths. But according to me, the most effective therapy is to pick up a healthy hobby. A hobby leads to make your mind active and helps us to get social. The real benefit of nurturing any vigorous hobby is to boost overall mental wellness.
Our daily routines are filled with different types of stress – from our jobs, studies, bills and even from relationship conflicts to a seemingly endless list of other minor and major stressors. Hobbies play an important role in mitigating most of these unavoidable stresses. Hobbies boost our creativity and give us something to look forward to.
A person may become like a machine if he/she keeps doing the routine work throughout the day. At the time we may lose interest in the work too. Who does not know the famous phrase? ‘ All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’, so everyone should identify his/her own interest area and nurture a hobby to keep himself/herself physically as well as mentally active. No matter what your mental needs may be, it is always advisable to have an enthralling hobby.
Many of the hobbies challenge our brains, provide distractions from stress and routine tasks. And help stave off the boredom associated with the worsening of many mental health issues. Studies undertaken have shown that some of the best hobbies for plummeting stress are knitting, gardening, reading and yoga.
In the hustle and bustle of life, don’t forget to take out time for yourself and indulge in doing something that you really love to do.
Above all, every one of us can also think of nurturing hobby in such a way to transform the same into the profession. This will make everyone’s routine work more interesting and ever enjoyable.


Here, I would like to tell you all something about my hobbies. Over the years I have had numerous interests. Some of them to mention are – singing, cloth painting, ceramic painting, rangoli making, gardening, reading etc. But as we grow, we start becoming busier with studies, job and routine etc.  I have 3 hobbies that still I am passionate about- Gardening is my most favorite activity. I really enjoy seeing plants growing and blossoming. Reading mythological and spiritual books and participating in various events or activities along with family members and my beloved friends gives me immense pleasure.

These hobbies have changed my life in a positive way and have provided me lot of energy to perform all my tasks in better way all the times.