ED Cell Activity 2017

Date – 24th & 25th Jan 2017.

Program – Entrepreneurship Development Program.

Nature of Program – Academic.

Co-ordinators – Prof. Charulata Bhaisare & Prof. Sunil Goud.


The ED cell event was conducted in our college AISSMS IOM, Pune for two days on 24th and 25th January 2017. This event had a great importance which helps students know their capabilities and get the experience of being an entrepreneur. To discuss this college had organized a guest lecture on 24th of January 2017, to help and guide the students and clear their doubts about entrepreneurship. The guests invited by college were Dr. Ranjan Shrikhande and Dr. Sachin Vernekar. The guests had highlighted idea about how innovative they can be, what marketing skills they can use and many more suggestions.

The guests gave ideas like how exactly you will get to know whether to be an entrepreneur, about competition , team work , team management , how to make sure with less investment you can make the more profit and most importantly how students can cross their thinking capacity on immense level when it came to product differentiation. This motivational lecture gave a hope to students to become entrepreneur.

25th January 2017 was the event day and it started at 10.30am. with inauguration by officiating Director Dr. Sanjay Patankar. There was a variety of ideas clashing everywhere for promoting and marketing about their stalls. There were stalls of foods, games, services and others. Mostly the food stalls where of chats and sandwiches but some stalls among them grabbed attention of huge crowds by their revitalised and very innovative ideas.  There were some arousing and outrageous games stalls like arm wrestling with secret tree, rings to win, wishing well and many more. Students also kept stalls providing services which were of car and bike washing but one stall seized everyone’s attention which was of shoe polishing of Raunak Burman and group MBA 2nd year. They performed and marketed their stall very well and kept the rates low at the same time. All faculty members became customers happily and appreciated every stalls effort.

At the end of the day judges of the event came for round for giving marks. The judges for the event were faculty members Mr. Mayur S.P and Mr. Vishal Wagh. They went to every stall and judged them on various criteria.

Winner of the event was Kartikee and Group (MBA I year), First runner up was Aniket Nikam and Group (MBA-I year), Second runner up was Sonal Jadhav and group (MBA-II Year).

The day was very memorable for everyone in spite of facing the weariness and exertion. The results would be declared on the annual function of AISSMS IOM which is named as “FLAMES” and rolling trophies was given to the winners.