Certification Course in Entrepreneurship 2018

Certification Course in Entrepreneurship

Date:       31/1/2018 to 2/2/2018, Wednesday to Friday.

Speakers Name:        Mr. Abhay Chavan, Mr. R G Vaidya and Mr. Tarun Mhaske

Topic:        Start ups, Preparation of Project report and Different Government Schemes.

Co-ordinators:        Dr. Gauri Prabhu & Dr. Sonal Mahajan

The entrepreneurship program was arranged with the series of lectures in which first two days there were guest lectures and the last day the business activity was organized for the students. The business activity includes various stalls which are represented by students for food items which were prepared by students themself. Student take this activity as a business model for experiencing their entrepreneur skills. The speaker for the program was Mr. Abhay Chavan discussed the inputs of start ups, which gave students an idea on how the market opportunity is created in starting up a business. The topics which they covered in details were the customer centric view of doing business, with implementing new technology and how to cut the competition in the market. The emphasis was also given on the preparation of business model and concluded by sales. Mr. R G Vaidya gave inputs on how to prepare project report. The speaker discussed important parts of project reports like competitors market, business profit margins, breakeven point which gave the students the crux of doing business. Mr. Tarun Mhaske the speaker discussed various government schemes which gave the students the note of few schemes which benefit of business.