AISSMS IOM: Crafting Valued Corporate Professionals

Dr. Abhijit Mancharkar
Director, AISSMS IOM

“Management is an Art and of getting things done from others.”

– Mary Parker Folett

Every management student is well versed with this phrase while pursuing their degree in management and administration. But the magnitude of this small yet significant phrase is realized by the students when they begin working as professionals.

Having a management degree from a reputed college is not enoughfor being a efficient leader. One must develop in themselves certain skills and attributes that help them while working with different type of people.

Thus, theAISSMS Institute of Managementworks toward crafting the students to make them versatile managers in the corporate world who are ready to face all challenges once they step into the managerial role.

The ideology of AISSMS IOM is to imbibe the students with skills that help them in communicating effectively and leading their team towards success. Thus, we strive towards theholistic development of the students through various curricular and extracurricular activities. We at AISSMS IOM work on building three dimensional qualities that are required in aspiring corporate professionals.

The three vital qualities required to be successful leaders are:

1.A Positive Attitude and an Optimistic Outlook

A positive attitude and an optimistic outlook are very conducive in adverse situations. Studies show that Individuals with a positive attitude are better leaders and managers. Thus, we at AISSMS IOM help our students build a positive personality through our interactive teaching learning processes. These processes include numerous workshops, seminars and interactions that help students overcome their psychological barriers and become more optimistic towards opportunities.

2.Proficiency in Soft Skills:

Nowadays what a student requires above academics knowledge are certain soft skills which are essentialwhile working in the industry. The top four skills which makes managers great leaders are:

  • Great Communication
  • Leadership
  • Presentation Abilities
  • Convincing Abilities

To sharpen the students’ skills and to sculpt the leader within them, we at AISSMS IOM carry out numerous activities, like, seminar, workshop, industrial visits, role plays and mini projects.


It is very crucial not just for managers but all working professionals to have strong foundation of fundament knowledge in their domain in order achieve great success. We put great emphasis on giving student opportunities to keeping learning new things and adding value to their knowledge base.

Adhering to these key elements that make the students self-sufficient and industry ready. We take optimum efforts to shape the students’ personalities through continuous nurturingof skills and values.

The AISSMS IOM is known for its quality education and highly formularized teaching learning techniques that enable students to learn and develop themselves for the corporate world. We take our commitment to excellence and quality very seriously and continuously strive to provide our students with the best education.

Being part of a premier group of heritage institutes, AISSMS IOM stands on a strong foundation of values and principals shaped from a great legacy. We believe that, when you develop holistic personality in students, they are bound to succeed in life. As an education institute providing quality education,our responsibility is to make the students not just employable but respectful professionals.