AISSMS IOM – Bringing Out the Best in Students

Dr. Abhijit Mancharkar
Director, AISSMS IOM

In today’s competitive environment, it is very crucial that every individual has a fundamental grasp on the expertise of their niche in order to succeed.

Thus, while working towards employability enhancement or entrepreneurial development in students AISSMS IOM is focused on developing the student’s abilities and making them ready for the competitive world. We strive to sculpt valued corporate professionals who can lead with confidence and work with integrity.

Grooming a Wholesome Personality

Based on the four principles of AISSMS Institute of Management i.e. Attitude, Skill, Knowledge & Values we groom our students to take on the competitive world.

The first aspect, viz. Knowledge is a fundamental virtue.

Being affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University, the curriculum of the college is crafted as per the university norms. But to give the students a holistic learning experience, we inculcate an experiential learning methodology in our curriculum and teaching-learning method wherein the students practically imply the theories of management, marketing, and other niches. To facilitate these workshops, seminars and industrial visits and numerous college-level and intercollege level activities are arranged.

This amalgamation of conventional and experiential learning enables a holistic learning environment for the students.

Efforts for Value-Based Education

The key aspect of our academic efforts is to pave a systematic learning environment for the students wherein the students get an opportunity to experiment and explore the likes and find what they are passionate about.

The various practical based learning methods introduced at AISSMS IOM include:

  • Role play
  • Product design
  • Advertisement directing
  • Chart paper presentation
  • Ppt Presentations
  • Case studies
  • Research work; and much more

We also give them a certain situation wherein they play the role of C category managers and have to take strategic decisions. These practises help to cultivate abilities like situational awareness, analytical thinking and critical decision making in the students.

Our efficient and expert faculty play a very vital role in facilitating quality education.

We feel proud to mention that Seventy percent of teaching faculty members are Ph.D. holders in a varied array of domains. Many of our highly dedicated and committed faculty members hold a teaching experience of more than a decade.

While learning from such an experienced teachers and professors, student tend to build confidence in themselves as well as their abilities.

We at AISSMS Institute of Management hold quality education above all and believe in leaving no stone unturned to give our students holistic learning experience.

The values and ideology of AISSMS IOM shapes from a great heritage and every member of the AISSM Society takes optimum care to take this legacy ahead and nurture the best in every student that becomes a part of the ever-growing family.