H H Shrimant Shri Chhatrapti Shahu Maharaj of Kolhapur
President, AISSM Society.

“Let noble thought come to us from every side’ Rigveda,1891″

All India Shri Shivaji Memorial Society has a distinctive mission & a history that has made it a leader in the field of education. Education today, not only focuses on imparting knowledge & skills but also on the overall development of the students.

With state of the art infrastructure and dynamic faculty, ASSMS is marching ahead on all avenues of education right from primary schooling to specialized technical institutes to name a few two engineering institutes, a pharmacy college and a hotel management college.

AISSMS is giving its students an opportunity for personal development and to bring about social reforms. I quote “It is your moments decision that your destiny is shaped” By Anthony Robbins. So, come forth & take your first step towards successful and an empowered future.

Welcome to AISSMS.



Shri Shrimant Malojiraje Chattrapati,
Honorary Secretary – AISSMS.
Dear Friends,“Pursuit of excellence demands unconditional commitment and fullest of dedication while at the same time paying greatest attention to minutest details”.Whole world is changing, globalization is the new mantra, new technology is evolving, and innovation is today’s requirement. In such a scenario an educational institution has a profound role to play in strengthening the youth of today, in turn the society and the nation.

AISSMS, Institute of Management boasts of having the best services and infrastructure. The objective is not merely to offer the-state –of –the art infrastructure but to offer modern world class education and to inculcate in them the confidence to face the world head on.

The students here are motivated to follow their passion and cultivate capabilities and values to serve the vast humanity to bring glory to them, their parents, and their alma-mater and participate in the great advancement of management.

Excellence in management is only possible through excellent institutions, which I am sure AISSMS, IOM lives up to the expectations.
I invite you to visit the beautiful and lively Campus of AISSMS, IOM.



Dr. Abhijit Mancharkar
Director AISSMS IOM.

Dear Students,

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all to my institute.The first step in right direction takes you to the goal faster. I assure you that you are about to take the step towards the best profession and this is the right step. We provide best ambience to develop and cultivate future MBAs.

The institute has committed Management, dedicated faculties and excellent infrastructural facilities. You will be groomed to take up challenges independently and confidently. The great Napoleon Hill has rightly quoted, “Never in the history of the world, has been such abundant opportunity as is now for the person who is willing to serve before trying to collect.” So, make use of these opportunities as it is said, “The man who actually knows just what he wants in life has already gone a long way towards attaining it.”

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