Specialization Club Activity 2017

Magazine Cover Page Designing on “Indian Soldier”

Date :  8th August, 2017

Topic :  Indian Soldier

Co-ordinator :  Prof. Archana Raut

Under the Specialization Club Activity, for the month of August, Magazine Cover Page Designing on “Indian Soldier” event was organized. The Competition was organized between MBA 1st year Div-A, Div-B, Div-C and MBA 2nd year specialization- Finance, Marketing and Human Resource Management. The main focus was to inculcate the creativity and team spirit amongst the students. The students from all specialization participated in it enthusiastically. It was a very colorful depiction of their varied thoughts on Indian Soldier.

The MBA 1st year Div C Specialization Club was winner. This event provided a very good platform to students to showcase their talent and creativity.