Orientation Program 2017

Date:  27th , 28th  and 31st July,2017

Speaker/Topic:  Dr Sanjay Patankar, Ms Chetna Raniwala, Ms Manisha Upadhyay, Dr Sonal Mahajan, Dr Gauri Prabhu, Prof Urssilla Sumant, Prof Bhagyashri Kanhere, Prof Bite.

Co-ordinator:  Dr Pooja Upadhyay

The Orientation program for New Batch of MBA (2017-2019) was organized on 27th , 28th  and 31st July, 2017. This was organized to acquaint the students with the New Course and its Curriculum.

The Emphasis was not only on the Academic part of it but also the Physical and Mental well being. The three days program comprised of Basics of Accountancy, Business Communication, Counseling Session and Meditation. The Accountancy Classes were conducted by Dr Sanjay Patankar, Dr Gauri Prabhu and Prof. Bhagyashri Kanhere. The Business Communication Classes were conducted by Dr Sonal Mahajan, Prof Urssilla Sumant and Prof Bite. The meditation session were conducted by Ms Chetna Raniwala, Ms Manisha Upadhyay. The program offered them good exposure prior to the regular academics. The students were very receptive and positive about it.