Blood Donation Camp 2018

Date :  05/09/2018

Event  :  Blood Donation Camp

Natureof the program  :  Social

Co-ordinators :  Prof. Bhalchandra Bite & Prof. Pournima Nagne

On the Occasion of Teacher’s Day Blood Donation & Awareness Camp was organized jointly by AISSMS’s Institute of Management & Polytechnic In collaboration with R G Gholap Blood Bank. The function is inaugurated by hands of Shri Malojiraje Chhatrapati, Hon. Secretary AISSMS, in presence of Shri. Suresh Shinde, Hon. Joint Secretary AISSMS, Shri Ajay Patil, Hon. Treasurer AISSMS, Shri Sahebrao Jadhav, Chairman Managing Committee AISSMS, Shri Rode, Chairman Lions International, Pune and Shri Rohidas Gholap, Director R. G. Gholap Memorial Blood Bank  &Thalassemia Center, Pune.

Different activities based on Blood Donation & Awareness Camp was conducted – like Rangoli Competition, Slogan Competition, Poster Making Competition, Seminar on Hemoglobin Awareness, Seminar on Women Health, Debate on Blood Donation and Hemoglobin Check-up .

The 185 students were present for the event and 110 Blood units were collected.

The program was coordinated under the guidance of Dr. Abhijit Mancharkar, Director AISSMS IOM and Mr. S. K.Giram, Principal AISSMS Polytechnic.