Date: 8th July 2016
Program: Faculty Development Programme
Nature of Program: General/Academic/Social.: Academic
Topic: Writing research papers for peer-reviewed journals.
Co-ordinator: Dr. Gauri Prabhu
Content (Approx 10 lines, Pointwise )
Dr. Vasant Bang, Ph.D. (BITS Pilani) was invited as a resource person for the Faculty development program on “Writing Research Papers for peer-reviewed journals”.
He explained to the faculty members, the important considerations to be taken into account for writing research papers so that they are selected in peer-reviewed international journals.
The format of research papers, literature review, research methodology and referencing were elaborated.
Finally, the faculty members asked queries which were answered by Dr. Vasant Bang.
This FDP will surely help the faculty members in writing good research papers for peer-reviewed international journals.
Faculty Feedback: Excellent
Name of resource person along with designation,
Dr. Vasant Bang
Director, Delta M
Management R&D Lab