Curriculum Enrichment Program 2018

Curriculum Enrichment Program

Date:                           22/1/2018, Monday

Speakers Name:         Dr. D. Bharati and Dr. Shilpa Shinde

Topic:                          Human Values and Professional Ethics

Co-ordinators:           Dr. Gauri Prabhu & Dr. Sonal Mahajan

The speaker for the program was Dr. D. Bharati and Dr. Shilpa Shinde, the topics covered most of the teachings from human values in which communication, time management, friendship and such values were discussed. Professional ethics were emphasized by the speaker which gave students the ides to behave ethically in their professional life.  Ethics are very important for the learning and the developments of the student when they complete their education and join the new phase of their life in professional life. These learning definitely helped our students to develop and inculcate the values and ethics in them.