Blood Donation Camp


Event-Blood Donation Camp”.

Nature of the program- Social

Co-ordinator- Prof Madhu Shridhar

Prof Pournima Nagne

Thousands of patients need blood transfusion. Just three teaspoons of blood can save the life of a premature baby. Every drop counts, one single donation can be split into three separate parts, helping save or improve the lives of patients.

Doing our little bit for the society. With the motto ‘Donate Blood, Donate Life’, the AISSMS – IOM team took some time off from their regular schedule for a noble cause. The Institute organized the blood donation camp in which the active participation of its entire team was visible (faculty, staff, and students). The main focus behind this initiative solely was to extend support to the society.

Lead by the Director, and fully supported by AISSMS Society, the blood donation camp turned out to be a hugely successful event — without a second thought, donors of IOM team, volunteered for this noble cause. The enthusiasm was infectious and visible on the faces of donors as each one queued to donate blood.

It is an established fact that the body has its own protective mechanism. The donor can go back to work within half an hour of giving blood. It takes around 24 hours for the body to replenish the volume of blood which is usually 350-400ml (or 1 unit), and the hemoglobin level is usually replenished within 7-10 days. Safety and hygiene standards at the camp were maintained.

This initiative was one of many taken up by IOM; always ready to serve the society, and also always willing to contribute to the society.

Rahul Pawar
Samir Wable
Ketan More
Saurabh Raskar
Student Volunteers