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Activity Report 2017-18


Sr. No.  Name of the Activity Date
A. Co-Curricular Activities
1 Orientation Program 27th, 28th & 31st July 2017
2 Induction Program 22nd Aug. 2017
3 Specialization Club Activity I – Magazine Cover Page Designing on Indian Soldier 8th Sept. 2017
4 Curriculum Enrichment Program on ‘Stress Management’ 19th Sept. 2017
5 Industrial Visit to NSE 27th Sept. 2017
6 Industrial Visit to Parle Biscuits Pvt. Ltd. 11th Oct. 2017
7 Olympiad on ‘The Constitution of India & Human Rights’ with BARTI 21st Nov. 2017
8 Curriculum Enrichment Program on ‘Human Values and Professional Ethics’ 27th Jan. 2018
9 Entrepreneurship Development and Incubation Centre Activity 31st Jan. to 2nd Feb. 2018
10 Specialization Club Activity II – Street play on Universal Values 9th Feb 2018
11 Industrial Visit to Bagfull Mall 28th Feb. 2018
12 Special Guidance for Students by Dr. Satish Ubale, Director, Matrix Business School under SPPU sponsored Student Development Scheme Jan. 2018 to Mar. 2018
13 Counselling Session for Students by IHHI Sept. 2017 to Mar. 2018
14 Industrial Visit to Barclays 25th April 2018
15 Industrial Visit to Barclays 26th April 2018
16 Industrial Visit to Barclays 17th May 2018
Expert Sessions/Workshops/Seminars etc.
17 Expert Session on ‘Gender Issues & Gender Equality’ by Mrs. Alka Joshi, Founder & Mrs Rushal Heena, Co-founder, Abhivyakti Group 5th Aug. 2017
18 Expert Session on ‘Introduction to GST’ by Mr. Prashant Vaze, Cost Accountant, Vaze Associates 12th Aug. 2017
19 Expert Session on ‘Digital Marketing & Data Science’ by Mr. Kaushal Bajaj, Co-Founder & CMO, Ad2 Brand Media Pvt Ltd. 12th Aug. 2017
20 Expert Session on ‘Road Safety’ By Mr. Pantogi, RTO, Pune 23rd Aug 2017
21 Expert Session on ‘HR Accounting and Compensation Management’, Mr Abhijeet Apte, Consultant 3rd Nov. 2017
22 Expert Session on ‘Cyber Security’ by  Adv Rajas Pingle, Managing Director, Cyber Law & Cyber Security Expert, Netlawgic 13th Jan. 2018
23 Expert Session on ‘Overview of HRMS’ by Mr. Laxmikant Shinde, Director, HRMS 15th Jan. 2018
24 Expert Session on ‘Whether Facing The Job Interview’ by Mr. Amit Shah, Corporate Program Manager, Amdocs 3rd Feb. 2018
25 Webinar on ‘Handling Exam Stress during Exam Time’ by Hon. Shri. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister, Government of India 16th Feb. 2018
26 Workshop on ‘Mind Education’ by Mr.Sang Hak Lee, Board Member, IMEI South Koria & Mr. Duk Man Yang, Resional Director, IMEI, South Koria 22nd Feb 2018
27 Expert Session on ‘Career Guidance on Competitative Exam’ by Mr. Saurabh Sonwane, Trainer, Winners Institute 22nd Feb. 2018
28 Expert Session on ‘Solid Liquid Waste Management’ By Mr. Karan Ragade, Founder Vice President, Ocean Saver of India 23rd Feb. 2018
29 Expert Session on ‘Introduction to GST’ by Prof. Uttam Sapate, Professor, MM IMERT Pune 24th Feb. 2018
30 Expert Session on ‘Career Guidance on Competitative Exam’ by Mr. Amol Tambe, SP, Highway Securities, Maharashtra Police, Govt. of Maharashtra 27th Feb. 2018
31 Expert Session on ‘Specialization Selection Guidance’ by Dr. Gaurav Ambedkar,  HR Consultant, Merque Consultant 28th Feb. 2018
32 Expert Session on ‘Specialization Selection Guidance’ by Dr. Vasant Bang, Founder Director, DELTA M Management R&D Lab 5th March 2018
33 Workshop on ‘Women Harrasment at Workplace’ by Adv. Supriya Kothri, Lawyer 22nd Mar. 2018
34  ‘Investor Awareness Program’ by NSE 27th Mar. 2018
35 Seminar on ‘Mosquito Vector Public Awareness’ under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan by The Indian Pest Control Association (IPCA) 7th Aug. 2018
Certification Programs/ Value Added Programs
36 Soft Skill Module I Jan. to Feb. 2018
37 Soft Skill Module II Sept. to Oct. 2017
38 Digital Marketing Aug. to Oct. 2017
39 Employee Engagement and Employee Retention Strategies Sept. to Oct. 2017
40 Entrepreneurship Jan & Feb. 2018
41 Goods and Services Tax Mar. 2018
B. Extra Curricular Activities
42 Fresher’s Party 28th Sept. 2017
43 Cross Cultural Interface 4th Oct. 2017
44 Traditional Day 12th Jan. 2018
45 Flames 12th, 14th & 15th Feb. 2018
46 Farewell Function 19th April 2018
C. Extension Activities
47 Tree Plantation 7th July 2017
48 Tree Plantation 20th July 2017
49 Global Forgiveness Campaign with Sadhu Vaswani Mission 22nd Aug. 2017
50 Activity on ‘Road Safety & Traffic Rules Awareness’ 29th Aug. 2017
51  ‘Environmental and Pollution Hazards due to Unchecked Bursting of Firecrackers’ Campaign with Omkar Auto Services 12th Sept. 2017
52 Swachh Bharat Abhiyan 2nd Oct. 2017
53 Social Activity – Survey for Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj Social Foundation 13th Sept 2017
54 Health Check up Camp with Tapasya Foundation 10th Jan. 2018
55 Blood Donation Camp with R.G. Gholap Memorial Blood Bank and Thalasemia Centre 22nd Feb. 2018
56 Social Activity – Special Guildence to Children with Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj Social Foundation 26th Feb 2918
57 Education Partner for ‘Pune Women’s Half Marathon’ with Free Runners Charitable Trust 11th Mar. 2018
58 Sapling Distribution Drive & Importance of Trees Campaign with Rahul Auto Services 18th Mar. 2018
59 Donation to Shivnishchal Sevabhavi Trust 2nd April 2018
60 Visit and Donation to Orphanage – Dyandeep Balkashram, Dighi  29th May 2018
61 Mega Job Fair in collaboration with Skill Development, Employment and Entrepreneurship Guidance Centre, Pune and Softzeal Technology, Pune 20th Jul. 2018
62 International Yoga Day 21st Jun. 2017
63 Rajarshi Shahu Jayanti 26th July 2017
64 Independence Day 15th Aug. 2017
65 Alumni Meet 19th Aug. 2017
66 Sadbhawana Diwas 20th Aug. 2017
67 Tearcher’s Day 5th Sept. 2017
68 Parent’s Meet 7th Oct. 2017
69 Yoga & Meditation 4th Jan. 2018
70 Republic Day 26th Jan. 2018
71 Shivjayanti 19th Feb. 2018
72 Marathi Bhasha Gaurav Din Celebration 27th Feb. 2018
73 International Womens’ Day 8th Mar. 2018
74 Guidance to Adolf Solutions (OPC) Pvt. Ltd. under Entrepreneurship Development and Incubation Centre Mar. to Apr. 2018
75 International Yoga Day 21st Jun. 2018
76 FDP  on ‘Leadership Skills and Goal Setting’ by IHHI 13th & 14th July 2017
77 Internal FDP on ‘Current Trends in Finane’ 24th July 2017
78 Internal FDP on ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ 25th July 2017
79 Internal  FDP on ‘Workforce Agility’ 26th July 2017
80 Internal  FDP on  ‘Social Media Marketing’ 27th July 2017
81 Internal  FDP on ‘Talent Management’ 31st July 2017
82 Internal  FDP on ‘Cloud Computing’ 31st July 2017
83 Internal  FDP on ‘Gourrila Marketing’ 31st July 2017
84 Counselling Session for Staff by IHHI Sept. to Nov. 2017
85 Staff Development Program on ‘Taxation for Financial Year 2017-18’ 20th Nov. 2017
86 FDP on ‘Effective Use of Leadership Skills’ by Ms. Parinita Karandikar, Insurance Advisor & Mr. Prashant Nimbalkar, Motivational Speaker 15th to 17th Jan 2018
87 Staff Development Program on ‘GST and Taxation’ by Mrs. Raut, Chartered Accountant 18th & 19th Jan. 2018
88 National Seminar on ‘Industry Academia Innovative Practices and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)’ 24th & 25th Jan 2018
89 FDP on ‘Team Building’ by Mr. Aneesh Baheti, International Motivational Speaker & Director, Train My Brain’ 27th Mar. 2018
90 FDP on ‘NAAC Acceditation Process’ by AISSMS IOIT 28th Mar. 2018
91 Internal FDP on ‘Parables – An Effective Teaching Tool’ 15th May.2018
92 Internal FDP on ‘Get Rid of Mental Block’ 15th May.2018
93 Internal FDP on ‘Business Strategies’ 16th May 2018
94 Internal FDP on ‘Recent Trends in Management (Marketing & Finance)’ 16th May 2018
95 Internal FDP on ‘Inventory Management & Web Designing and Development in Industry’ 17th May 2018
96 Internal FDP on ‘CSR Practices for Sustainability’ 17th May 2018
97 Workshop on ‘Research Methodology & Drafting Research Proposal for Getting Research Grants’ by Dr. A.R. Mancharkar, Director, IOM 18th May 2018