Activity Report 2016-17

Sr. No.  Name of the Activity Date
A. Co-Curricular Activities
1 Specialization Club Activity I- Repositioning Brand India 19th Aug. 2016
2 Induction Program 23th Aug. 2016
3 Specialization Club Activity II –  ‘Summer Internship Project Competition’ 13th Sept. 2016
4 Intercollgiate Competition on ‘Summer Internship Project’ 5th Oct. 2016
5 Industrial Visit to Barclays 19th Jan 2017
6 Specialization Club Activity III – Poster Making and Presentation on Corporate Guru 20th Jan. 2017
7 Industrial Visit to Kirloskar Pnumatic Company Ltd 23rd Jan. 2017
8 Entrepreneurship Development Cell Activity 24th & 25th Jan 2017
9 Special Guidance for Students by Dr. Satish Ubale, Director, Matrix Business School under SPPU sponsored Student Development Scheme Jan. to Feb. 2017
10 Industrial Visit to Pravin Masalewale 18th Mar. 2017
11 Specialization Club Activity IV – Powerful Presentation on IOM 21st Mar. 2017
Expert Sessions/Workshops/Seminars etc.
12 Expert Session on ‘Challenges Before Indian Economy’,                  Mr. Neeraj Jain, Lokayat 8th Oct. 2016
13 Expert Session on ‘Cyber Security – Pre-requisits in Information & Network Security’ by Mr. Ashok Pattar, Honorary Resource Person and Freelance Trainer, National Cyber Defence Research Centre 13th Aug. 2016
14 Expert Session on ‘Cyber Secutiry – Information and Network Security’ by Mr. Ashok Pattar, Honorary Resource Person and Freelance Trainer, National Cyber Defence Research Centre 20th Aug. 2016
15 Counselling Session on ‘Managing Freedom’ by Dr. Urmila Dixit, Child & Women Counsellor, Dyanprabodhini, Pune 24th Aug. 2016
16 Expert Session on ‘Entrepreneurship & Skill India Initiative’by Mr. Vivek Sinare, MD, Redefine Skills and Learning Pvt. Ltd. 27th Aug. 2016
17 Expert Session on ‘Customer Relationship Management’ by Mr. Himanshu Kumar Gupta, Manager, Business Development, NCH India Ltd. 29th Aug. 2016
18 Public Awareness Program on ‘Sex Determination Prevention Act’ by Dr. Sushil Kumar Pundge, PMC, Pune 2nd Sept. 2016
19 Expert Session on ‘Communication Skill’ by Mr. Surjit Das, Trainer, Image Consultant 3rd Sept. 2016
20 Public Awareness Program on ‘Organ Donation’ by Sasson Hospital, Pune 8th Sept. 2016
21 Expert Session on ‘Career Opportunities for MBA students in International Business & International Marketing’ by Mr. Shrikant Bhojkar, Ex-VP, UB Group 24th Sept. 2016
22 Expert Session on ‘Personal Branding Through Video CV’ and ‘Enhancing Placement Prospects Through Video CV’ by Lt Cdr (Retd.) Sushil Kumar Kamble, Director & Madhu Tare, General Manager, Metier Store 7th Jan. 2017
23 Expert Session on ‘Data Analysis, Data Mining, Intellegence’ by Dr. Ajit More, Director MCA, Professor, Bharti Vidyapeeth IMED 9th Jan. 2017
24 Expert Session on ‘Mutual Fund Awareness – Investing to Create Wealth’ by Dr. Virendra Tatke, Investment Trainer, Kotak Mahindra Mutual Funds Pvt Ltd 21st Jan. 2017
25 Expert Session on ‘Innovative Capability Building’ by Mr. Amit Chilka, Corporate Trainer, Career Success Coach,Synergist 21st Jan. 2017
26 Expert Session on ‘You Lead – Leadership Development Program’ by Mr. Yugant Kumbhalkar, Managing Director, Binous Technology Pvt. Ltd. 27th Jan. 2017
27 Expert Session on ‘Derivatives & Investment Banking’ by Mr. Neelesh Jha, Business Analyst, System Analyst, TATA Consultancy Services Ltd. 28th Jan. 2017
28 Expert Session on ‘Personal Branding’ by Mr. Amit Chilka, Corporate Trainer, Career Success Coach, Synergist 9th Feb. 2017
29 Expert Session on ‘Cyber Law & Cyber Security – Security Management, System & Application Security’ by Adv. Rajas Pingale, Managing Director, Cyber Law & Cyber Security Expert, Netlawgic 11th Feb. 2017
30 Awareness Program on ‘Sexual Harrashment of Women at Workplace’ by Ms. Shradha Purandare, Professional Trainer 27th Feb. 2017
Certification Programs/ Value Added Programs
31 Soft Skill Module I Jan. to Feb. 2017
32 Soft Skill Module II Sept. to Oct. 2016
B. Extra Curricular Activities
33 Cross Cultural Interface 9th Sept. 2016
34  Fresher’s Party 30th Sept 2016
35 Traditional Day 18th Jan 2017
36 Flames 14th to 16th Feb. 2017
37 Farewell Function 21st Apr. 2017
C. Extension Activities
38 World Environment Week Celebration & Free PUC Check up Camp with Rahul Auto Services 11th June 2016
39 Organ Donation Rally 30th Aug. 2016
40 Visit and Donation to Orphanage – Dyandeep Balkashram, Dighi 27th Sept. 2016
41 Health Check up Camp with Tapasya Foundation 28th Sept. 2016
42 Donation to Shivnishchal Sevabhavi Trust 3rd Mar. 2017
43 Nirbhay Kanya Abhiyan – Workshop on ‘Physical, Mental & Intellectual Wellbeing’ under Student Wefare Scheme by Mrs. Guri Shingote Nutritionist and Director Juvnate Welbeing Pvt. Ltd. 4th Mar. 2017
44 Blood Donation Camp with R.G. Gholap Memorial Blood Bank and Thalasemia Centre 22nd Mar.2017
45 Rajarshi Shahu Jayanti 26th Jul. 2015
46 Independence Day 15th Aug. 2016
47 Tearcher’s Day 7th Sept. 2016
48 Parent’s Meet 15th Oct. 2016
49 Republic Day 26th Jan. 2017
50 Shivjayanti 19th Feb. 2017
51 Alumni Meet 3rd Sept. 2016
52 FDP on ‘Writing Research Papers for Peer Review Journals’ by Dr. Vasant Bang, Founder Director, DELTA M Management R&D Lab 8th Jul. 2016
53 Internal FDP on ‘Case Presentations’ 22nd and 23rd Jul. 2016
54 FDP Development Program on ‘Effective Mentoring Through Facilitation’  by Mr. Ravindra Baviskar & Team, International Association of Facilitators, Pune Chapter 17th Oct. 2016
55 Internal FDP on ‘Reward of Great Teams in Start ups’ 24th  Nov 2016
56 Internal FDP on ‘Neuroliguishtic Program & Creativity’ 24th  Nov 2016
57 Internal FDP on ‘Management Games’ 24th  Nov 2016
58 Internal FDP on ‘Work Life Balance’ 28th Nov 2016
59 Internal FDP on ‘Critical Thinking’ 28th Nov 2016
60 Internal FDP on ‘Experiential Learning’ 28th Nov 2016