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Activity Report 2015-16

 Sr. No.  Name of the Activity Date
A. Co-Curricular Activities
1 Induction Program 7th Aug. 2015
2 Business Quiz 13th Nov. 2015
3 Specialization Club Activity I – Make in India 22nd Jan. 2016
4 Entrepreneurship Development Cell Activity – Biz Buzz 27th and 28th Jan. 2016
5 Specialization Club Activity II – Best Out of Waste 2nd Mar. 2016
6 Industrial Visit to Garware Wall Ropes Ltd. 3rd Mar. 2016
Expert Sessions/Workshops/Seminars etc.
7 Expert Session on ‘Capital Market Awareness Program’ by Ms Suvarna Joshi, VP, Lotus Knowlwealth 1st Aug. 2015
8 Expert Session on ‘Career Opportunities in Capital Market for Finance & Marketing’ by Mr. Mukesh Kuwad, Center Director, White Knight Academy, Pune Centre 10th Aug. 2015
9 Expert Session on ‘Career Opportunities for Finance & Marketing’ by Mr. Rishabh Parakh, CEO, Money Plant Consultancy 21st Aug. 2015
10 Expert Session on ‘Cyber Security’ by Mr. Sandip Gadia, Cyber Crime Investigator, Cyber Crime Dept. Pune 22nd Aug. 2015
11 Expert Session on ‘Life Skill Management’ by Dr. Anjali Chaudhari, Child & Adult Counsellor 26th Aug. 2015
12  Expert Session on ‘Finanacial Modeling & Valuation’ by Mr. Allen Arvindam, CFA, IMS Pro School Pune 28th Aug. 2015
13 Expert Session on ‘Mantras of Success’ by Mr. Saleel Parulekar, International Faculty, Art of Living Foundation 2nd Sept. 2015
14 Expert Session on ‘Innovation Practices in Management’ by Mr. Amit Panchal, GM, Business Excellence, Kirloskar Oil Engine Ltd. 5th Sept. 2015
15 Expert Session on ‘Cyber Security’ by Mr.Rajas Pingle, Cyber Crime Investigator, Cyber Crime Dept. Pune 17th Oct. 2015
16 Awareness Program on ‘Sexual Harrasment of Women at Workplace Act’ by Prof. Pournima Nagne 15th Jan. 2016
17  ‘Career Opportunities for MBA Marketing Students in Advertisement’ by Dr. Rajan Shrikhande, Consultant 23rd Jan 2016
18  Expert Session on ‘Health, Stress & Worklife Balance’ for Staff & Student by Dr. Parag Thuse, Director, Swasth Yog Kendra 30th Jan. 2016
19  Expert Session on ‘Changing Skill of MBAs in New Business Environement’ by Dr. V. M. Dhekane, Consulatant 27th Feb. 2016
20 Expert Session on ‘Introduction to Human Rights, Childs & Women Rights’ by Dr. Anuradha Sahastrabuddhe, Director, NGO 5th Mar. 2016
21 Expert Session on ‘Cyber Security’ by Mr.Rajas Pingle, Cyber Crime Investigator, Cyber Crime Dept. Pune 12th Mar. 2016
22 Expert Session on ‘Specialization Selection Guidance’ by Dr. Gaurav Ambedkar,  HR Consultant 12th Mar. 2016
23 Counselling Session on ‘Exam Strees Management’ by Dr. Urmila Dixit, Child & Women Counsellor, Dyanprabodhini, Pune 12th Mar. 2016
Certification Programs/ Value Added Programs
24 Soft Skill Module I Jan. 2016
25 Soft Skill Module II Jan. to Feb. 2015
B. Extra Curricular Activities
26  Fresher’s Party 11th Sept 2015
27 Traditional Day 14th Jan 2016
28 Flames 2nd, 12th & 15th Feb. 2016
29 Farewell Function 12th Apr. 2016
C. Extension Activities
30 Visit and Donation to Orphanage – Dnyandeep Balkashram, Dighi 9th Sept. 2015
31 Tree Plantation with Tapasya Foundation 21st Sept. 2015
32 Donation to Shivnishchal Sevabhavi Trust 4th Mar. 2016
33 Blood Donation Camp with R.G. Gholap Memorial Blood Bank and Thalasemia Centre 2nd Mar. 2016
34 Rajarshi Shahu Jayanti 26th Jul. 2015
35 Independence Day 15th Aug. 2015
36 Tearcher’s Day 7th Sept. 2015
37 Parent’s Meet 6th Oct. 2015
38 Republic Day 26th Jan. 2016
39 Shivjayanti 19th Feb. 2016
40 Alumni Meet 19th Mar. 2016
41 FDP on ‘Padagogy & Andragogy’ by Mr. Chinmay Kamat 16th & 17th Nov. 2015
42 Internal Staff Development Program on ‘MS-Excel’ 16th & 17th Nov. 2015
43 Internal Staff Development Program on ‘Miracles of Yoga’ 23rd Nov 2015
44 Internal FDP on ‘Turn Around Strategy’ 23th Nov 2015
45 Internal FDP on ‘How to Develop Positive Attitude’ 24th Nov 2015
46 Internal FDP on ‘Visualization: Tapping the Hidden Power of Mind’ 25th Nov 2015
47 Internal FDP on ‘Six Thinking Hats’ 25th Nov 2015
48 Internal Staff Development Program ‘Team Building’ 26th Nov 2015
49 Internal FDP on ‘Experiential Learning’ 26th Nov 2015