Activity Report 2013-14


 Sr. No.  Name of the Activity Date
A. Co-Curricular Activities
1 Induction Program 7th Aug. 2013
2 Industrial Visit to Henkel Adhesives Technologies 22nd Feb 2014
Expert Sessions/Workshops/Seminars etc.
3 Expert Session on ‘Internationanl Project Management’ by Annika Meinecke, Verein Fur Europaischeozialarbeit, Buidung und Erziehung e.V 26th July 2013
4 Expert Session on ‘Internationanl Project Management’ by Sylvia Wohlfarth-Bottermann, Verein Fur Europaischeozialarbeit, Buidung und Erziehung e.V 26th July 2013
5 Expert Session on ‘International Business Management’ by Iosif Mariakakia, Universitat Stuttgart 26th July 2013
6 Expert Session on ‘Power of Youth’ by Mr. Seo Min Woo, Regional Director, International Youth Fellowship 29th Aug. 2013
7 Workshop on ‘Gender Eqality’ Ms. Trupti and Mr. Rushal by Abhivyakti Group 2nd Sept. 2013
8 Expert Session on ‘Renewable Efficiency’ by Mr. Achim Rodewald, CIM – Expert, Indo German Chamber of Commerce 10th Oct. 2013
9 Expert Session on ‘Internship Opportunities’ by Mr. Parag Ghatpande, Let’s Intern 13th Jan. 2014
10 Expert Session on ‘Entrepreneurship Opportunities’ by Mr. Ahilesh Rathod, Invest Ronaut 13th Jan. 2014
11 Expert Session on ‘Six Sigma Techniques & Its Applications’ by Mr. K. M. Date, Pinferstat 13th Jan. 2014
12 Expert Session on ‘Happiness Quotient’ by Ms. Pallavi Deshmukh, Consultant 13th Jan. 2014
13 Expert Session on ‘Working of Stock Exchanges’ by Mr. Arup Mukharjee, Assistant Vice President, NSE India Ltd. 22nd Jan. 2014
14 Expert Session on ‘Leadership Skill’ by Mr. Hemant Thakur, Consultant, Education Belt 22nd Jan. 2014
15 Expert Session on ‘Banking’ by Mr. Raj Purohit, Regional Manager, Speakewell Enterprises Pvt Ltd.. 22nd Jan. 2014
16 Expert Session on ‘International Moving Images’ by Mr. Kumar Vandit, Writer, Producer, Director, Eternia 24th Jan.2014
17 Expert Session on’Stock Market Training’ by Mr. S. Chandrashekhar, Corporate Trainer 30th Jan. 2014
18 Expert Session on ‘Quality Management’ by Mr. Nitin Akolkar, Head Quality Assurance, ASAL Tata Group 18th Feb. 2014
19 Expert Session on ‘I.S.O.’ by Mr. Y. D Wadaskar, MD, WYSE Biomatrics 18th Feb. 2014
20 Awareness Program on ‘Sexual Harrasment of Women at Workplace Act’ by Prof. Pournima Nagne 11th Mar. 2014
Certification Programs/ Value Added Programs
21 Soft Skill Module I Oct. 2013
22 Soft Skill Module II Sept. to Oct. 2013
B. Extra Curricular Activities
23 Fresher’s Party 19th Oct. 2013
24 Traditional Day 31st Jan.2014
25 Flames 11th to13th Mar. 2014
26 Farewell Function 12th Apr. 2014
C. Extension Activities
27 Blood Donation Camp with Regional Blood Bank of Sasson General Hospital 14th Aug. 2013
28 Yuva Shibir at Ramkrishna Math 15th Sept. 2013
29 Visit and Donation to Orphanage – Dnyandeep Balkashram, Dighi 9th Jan. 2014
30 Blood Donation Camp with R.G. Gholap Memorial Blood Bank and Thalasemia Centre 28th Feb 2014
31 Rajarshi Shahu Jayanti 26th Jul. 2013
32 Independence Day 15th Aug. 2013
33 Tearcher’s Day 5th Sept. 2013
34 Parent’s Meet 20th Sept. 2013
35 Republic Day 26th Jan. 2014
36 Shivjayanti 19th Feb. 2014
37 Internal FDP on ‘New Choice Based Credit System of Syllabus’ 9thJul. 2013
38 FDP on ‘Google Apps’ by Mr. Dhananjay Munde, Trainer, GTT Connect 11th Jul. 2013
39 FDP on ‘Online Exams’ by Mr. Prof. Pritesh Patil, HOD-IT, AISSMS IOIT 17th July 2013
40 Internal FDP on ‘Rational Emotive Behavioural Theory (REBT)’ 2nd Aug. 2013
41 State Level Seminar on ‘Integrated Water Management’ 13th and 14th Sept. 2013
42 National Seminar on ‘Resource Conservation towards a new Paradigm Shift’ 9th to 11th Oct. 2013