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Advanced Teaching Learning Methods under Outcome-based Education

Prof. Gajanan Nerkar

The 2019 syllabus document of SPPU mentions that:

Outcome Based Education (OBE) Approach: Outcomes are about performance, and this implies:

  1. There must be a performer – the student (learner), not only the teacher
  2. There must be something performable (thus demonstrable or assessable) to perform
  3. The focus is on the performance, not the
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Emotional Connect with the Organization- Right or Wrong

Whenever we see an organization or an institution and admire it, we only see what it delivers and admire its success. But what we miss out is the very competent management, an efficient administrative force and a team of equally qualified employees behind its every effort to sustain competition and excel in its field. Now … Read More

Positive Customer Experiences: A Key to Good Brand

When we say the word “Brand”; immediately what comes to our mind is a creative logo or a powerful slogan. However, the analogy is that the customer’s positive experience creates the brand for the company.

Communication, no doubt, plays a major role in branding but no words can undo the effect of the experience which … Read More

Emotions in Life

Emotions are beautiful,

Emotions are need,

Emotions are expression,

Emotions are balance of healthy life.

Emotions play a very vital role in anybody’s life. Life without emotions is like LIFE WITHOUT WATER. If emotions are not shown there and then a person personality becomes stubborn, aggressive or submissive. To have a healthy life one … Read More

Blog by Prachi Chandekar

*We live…*

*They said life is easy if you know how to live.!*
I am yet living, did life get easier? Or my ability to handle the struggles stronger?

*They said its okay to fail…*
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Just like every day, after completing all the domestic work I was on the way to my work. Sitting on the rear seat and going through the newspaper, was hoping for another normal day at the office, the car was cruising at a normal pace halting only at the signals. The noise all around was … Read More

Director’s Message

Indian economy has undergone a sea of change in the last few years. Liberalization, privatization and globalization have revolutionized Indian economy. Indian economy is growing at a handsome growth rate and is presently sixth largest economy in the world in terms of GDP. India has become one of the most preferred destinations of the world … Read More