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Project / Dissertation Guidelines

Project / Dissertation Guidelines as per university

At the end of the II nd Semester each student shall undertake Summer Internship Project (SIP) for 8 weeks .


  1. To offer opportunity for the young students to acquire on job the skills, knowledge , attitudes, and perceptions along with the experience needed to constitute a professional identity.
  2. To provide means to immerse students in actual supervised professional experiences.
  3. To give an insight into the working of the real organizations.
  4. To gain deeper understanding in specific functional areas.
  5. To appreciate the linkages among different functions and Departments.
  6. To develop perspective about business organizations in their totality.
  7. To help the students in exploring career opportunities.

It is mandatory for the student to seek advance written approval from the faculty guide and the Director of the institute about the topic and organization before commencing the SIP.

The SIP may or may not have a Functional Focus. Ideally the SIP should exhibit a Cross-functional orientation.

SIP can be carried out in:

  1. Corporate Entity
  2. NGO
  3. SME
  4. Government Undertaking
  5. Cooperative Sector

SIP  may be a research project – based on primary data/secondary data or may be an operational assignments involving working by the student on a given task/assignment/project/etc.in an organization/industry.

The report should be documented well documented and supported by-

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Organization profile
  3. Outline of the problem/task undertaken
  4. Research methodology & data analysis( in case of research projects only)
  5. Relevant activity charts, tables, graphs, diagrams, etc.
  6. Learning of the student through the project
  7. Contribution to the host organization
  8. References in appropriate referring styles (APA, MLA,Harvard, chicago style etc.)

The report must reflect nature and Quantum of work, 8 weeks of work and justify the same.

The completion of the SIP shall be certified by the respective Faculty Guide approved by the Director of the Institute. The external organization (Corporate/NGO/SME/Government Entity/ Cooperative/etc.) shall also certify the SIP work.

The student shall submit two hard copies and one soft copy(CD) of the project report.

In the interest of Environmental considerations, students are 3encourage to print their project reports on both pages of project reports.

SIP shall have weightage of 6 credits. The Institute shall conduct an internal VIVA-VOCE for evaluation of the SIP for 50 marks. The panel shall comprise of the internal faculty guide and one additional faculty nominated by the Director.

Their shall be an External Viva-Voce for the Sip per 100 marks. The examiners panel for the same shall include one external faculty member nominated by the University and one internal faculty member nominated by the Director. The external Viva-Voce shall be conducted for 15 min.

The Internal and External Viva-Voice shall evaluate the project based on:

  1. Actual work undertaken by the student.
  2. Students understanding of the organization and Business environment.
  3. Outcome of the project.
  4. Utility of the project to the organization.
  5. Basic analytical capabilities.

The report Should contain the following:

Preliminary pages:

  1. Institute Certificate
  2. Certificate from Company
  3. Acknowledgement
  4. Executive summary
  5. List of figures
  6. List of tables
  7. Nomenclatures and Abbreviations.


  1. Introduction to the topic, reason for selecting topic.
  2. Company/ Organizational Profile.
  3. Industry Profile.
  4. Scope of work , objectives of Project work
  5. Research Methodology
  6. Data collection &data analysis
  7. Conclusion
  8. Suggestion, Recommendation.
  9. Limitations.
  10. Bibliography in standard international format.
  11. References in standard international format.
  12. Students should provide the complete link of website referred along with the Date and Time.
  13. Annexure (Company Literature, copy of the Questionnaire used, maps, sampling frames etc)

Chapter Numbering:

Preliminary pages shall be numbered in i,ii,iii…..The chapters shall  be numbered in Arabic Numerals (1,2,3..) All chapters shall be on a new page and Title shall be properly centered at the top of the page. Annexure must carry Roman Numbers (I,II,III,IV,….)