Specialization Club Activity 2015

Date: 22nd January 2016

Program: Specialization Club Activity

Co-ordinators: Prof. Gauri Prabhu and Prof. Sonal Mahajan

On 22nd Jan 2016, the specialization club activity was held for the students of first and second year. This activity is planned for the student to show their active participation and zeal in the respective specialization. This is a group activity which gives student a path to portray their skills in the chosen specialization. In this competition the students had to prepare a presentation on “Make in India” with their related specialization. In total there were five groups as follows MBA first year division ‘A’, division ‘B’, second year specialization students from Marketing, Finance and Human Resource. The first year students of Division ‘B’ and from second year the Human resource specialization students won this presentation competition. The activity was a chance for all the students to show their presentation skills.


Best out of Waste

Date: 2/3/16

Program: Best out of Waste

Nature of Program: Academic

Under the Specialization Club Activity, for the month of March “Best Out Of Waste” event was organized. In this the Competition was organized between Div-A, Div-B and the specialization- Finance, Marketing and Human Resource Management. The main focus was to inculcate the creativity and team spirit amongst the students. The participants were suppose to make products out of waste material only. Four entries (product) per Division was allowed. The auction of these product was also held.

The students made various products like flower vase, chair, Lamp made out of broken bisleri water container etc. One of the group had made products driven by social responsibility like bird feeder, eco-friendly grain container etc.

The Marketing Specialization was the winner. This event provided a very good platform to students to showcase their talent and creativity.

Faculty Co-ordinators
Mrs Ursilla Sumant
Dr Pooja Upadhyay


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