Paradise for the students, It is a pool of encyclopedia with well-stocked national and international magazines, periodicals, journals, and research papers in the hub that sustains, stimulates, generates, and rejuvenates the grey cells. IOM Library has come a long way from being a traditional library with manual transactions to an e-library. The library has all the relevant information available at a click for the emerging global managers, who go through the grind to equip themselves with right skills and expertise to achieve world class standards in various functional areas of management. As a matter of policy, the Institute pays special attention in not only strengthening the library with additional books and journals, but also  ensures that they are utilized properly by the students both for their courses as well as to extend the frontiers of their general knowledge. Audio and multimedia versions of some course modules are also available.

All India Shri Shivaji Memorial Society’s Institute of Management’s Library is a valuable resource for students and faculties of business management. The library started functioning in the year 2002 and has built good collection of 8686 books, current subscription to Journals (print – 33 & online databases – 2), newspapers and magazines, and other resources like student’s project reports and CD

The library is computerized and has SLIM (System for Library Information Management) Software for carrying out day to day activities in the library. SLIM also offers Online Public Access Catalogue facility to the students and faculties wherein they can access the Library catalogue from their desks.

The library, with a spacious reading hall, also has the digital library facility where students can access the subscribed on-line e-journals databases such as EBSCO and J-Gate

Library Information :  Download 

Library Services :

  • Circulation
  • Book Bank Facility for students
  • Reference Service for Syllabus , Old Question Papers & Project reports
  • Reprography & Printing Facility
  • EBSCO and J-Gate Database Search Training
  • E-Library Facility & Online Public Access Catalogue
  • Business standard Newspaper copy for each student

Ms. Jyoti Desai
Assistant Librarian 


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