Cross Culture Interface 2017

Date:                           4/10/2017, Wednesday

Speakers Name:         Dr. Belen Rodriguez

Topic:                          Spain Culture

Co-ordinator:                         Dr. Sonal Mahajan

The Institute was delighted to welcome Dr. Belen Rodriguez, a journalist and an expert in Spanish studies. Spanish Cross Culture Interface is a platform to introduce students with the Spain culture. The Spain nationalist the Guest speaker for this Cultural interface was Dr. Belen Rodriguez. ‘Spain in India’ was the emphasis by the guest which gave students an introduction to leading Technology,  Multinational and the scope of this in Indian market.

Guest also introduced with Spain culture for different industries where students have scope to work with Spanish companies in future. The various companies like Zara & Mango as a fashion brand, Infrastructure and construction industry, solar thermal energy plants are mostly found in Spain.

At the end the guest had an interactive session where she answered few questions which were put across by the students. This was appreciated by the guest and she promised student to visit them and have interaction again.

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