Scholarship Rules

Generally, as per directions from social welfare, Maharashtra Government the following fees are sanctioned for each student admitted through the D.T.E. The fees are declared for the category students as follows:

Sr.No. Category Sanctioned from Social Welfare Remarks
1 S.C. Full Fee (Tuition, Exam & Development Fees) Tuition & Exam fees not to be paid by student
2 S.T.,N.T. & S.B.C Full Fee(Tuition, Exam & Fees) Tuition & Exam fees not to be paid by student
3 O.B.C. 50% of Tution & Exam fees 50% of Tuition & Exam fees to be paid by student
4 E.B.C.(Economically Backward Class) 50% of tuition fees (Sanctioned from D.T.E.,Government of Maharashtra) Fees to be refunded to the student after sanction


However, the above guidelines are subject to change for each Academic Year by the D.T.E.,Government of Maharashtra.
Students are advised to refer D.T.E.,Government of Maharashtra website for further details. (
For claim of scholarship, the students are advised to refer the Social welfare guidelines & submit the scholarship formalong with necessary documents as per time scheduled.
For the above scholarships, the Institute merely acts as a forwarding channel to the concerned Government department. It is responsibility of every student to submit complete documents in the right format and as per the time schedule of the Government.
Scholarships are not available for payment of fees to the University of Pune.

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