Our Group Of Institutes

Institute Name Website
AISSMS Main Organization www.aissms.org
AISSMS College of Engineering www.aissmscoe.com
AISSMS Institute of Information Technology www.aissmsioit.org
AISSMS College of Pharmacy www.aissmscop.com
AISSMS College of H.M.C.T. www.aissmschmct.in
AISSMS Polytechnic www.aissmspoly.org.in
AISSMS Institute of Management (MBA) www.aissmsiom.org
SSPM Sec. School www.sspms.in
SSPM Day School & Jr. College www.sspmdayschool.org
AISSMS SSPM Nursery School www.sspmns.in
AISSMS SSPM Primary Day School www.sspmpds.in
I.T.C. Bori Bhadak www.aissmsitcboribhadak.org
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